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What ADR Courses in the North West are available at Driver Link?

Are you searching for ADR courses in the North West this year? DriverLink Training can help!

DriverLink Training provide expert ADR courses to aspiring drivers across the North West!

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about our ADR courses.

ADR Courses North West

DriverLink Training’s next ADR Training course runs from 26 February to 1 March 2024.

Do DriverLink Training have more driver training courses throughout the year?

Yes, we do!

Our course calendar is updated regularly throughout the year so we can provide expert training courses in all areas for potential new drivers!

Take a look at our full calendar!

What is involved in the ADR Courses?

ADR training, also known as the training for the transportation of dangerous goods by road, plays a crucial role in ensuring that drivers are adequately trained and well-informed about the specific regulations and safety measures involved.

DriverLink Training, like other reputable ADR training providers, offers a range of modules to cater to different needs and requirements.

Core Module

The core module serves as the foundation of ADR training, covering essential aspects such as the general regulations, documentation procedures, and crucial safety measures. It provides drivers with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of transporting dangerous goods.

Packages and Bulk Module

This module is specifically designed for companies involved in the transportation of dangerous goods in both packages and bulk. It focuses on the specific requirements and best practices for handling different types of packaging and bulk containers, ensuring the safe transportation of goods in various forms.

Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9

ADR training includes separate modules for each class of dangerous goods as defined by the regulations.

These modules delve into the specificities of each class, providing drivers with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the hazards associated with different types of materials.

For instance, drivers will learn about the safe handling of gases (Class 2), flammable liquids (Class 3), flammable solids (Class 4), oxidising substances (Class 5), toxic substances (Class 6), corrosive substances (Class 8), and miscellaneous dangerous goods (Class 9).

Tankers Module

Specifically tailored for drivers involved in the transportation of dangerous goods in tanker vehicles, this module focuses on the unique challenges associated with handling goods in tankers.

It covers specialised knowledge and skills required for the safe loading, unloading, and transportation of hazardous materials in tankers.

It’s important to note that the selection of modules depends on the nature of the goods being transported and the specific requirements of each company.

For example, tanker companies might prioritise modules specifically tailored for the transportation of liquids, while others may opt for a broader range of modules to cover various types of dangerous goods.

By providing training, ADR training equips drivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the safe transportation of dangerous goods, reducing potential risks and promoting responsible practices in the industry.

What other services do DriverLink provide?

DriverLink Training provides a number of driver courses to help you kick-start your driving career.

Check out the full list below!

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LGV Driver Training FAQs

Are you searching for more information on LGV Driver Training? Check out DriverLink’s LGV Driver Training FAQs!

DriverLink provide LGV Driver Training courses, so you can kick start your driver training with us!

This latest blog will explain all of the LGV Driver Training FAQs you may have thought of!

LGV Driver Training FAQs

What types of driver training services does DriverLink offer?

DriverLink provides one-on-one training for LGV license categories C (Class 2) and CE (Class 1).

This training involves thorough preparation for all aspects of DVSA testing requirements, including 3a practice and assessment on our private DVSA-approved assessing area.

We offer complete support throughout the entire process, from initial form filling to booking theory tests, tuition, testing, and finally, module 4 (initial CPC).

What vehicles are used for training at DriverLink?

We offer training in modern automatic articulated vehicles for Class 1 training. Our focus is on providing training in scenarios that reflect real-life situations, utilising only modern, articulated combinations customised to be as small as legally permitted to enhance your chances of a first time pass! Our rigid vehicles are also automatic.

Does DriverLink guarantee a pass on the tests?

We believe that guarantees may result in unnecessary payments for retests that might not be needed. Instead, we focus on comprehensive preparation and support to increase the likelihood of success and encourage additional training hours prior, not only to boost your chance of a first time pass, but also prepare you for a career ahead.

What is the recommended training duration for LGV Class 1 and Class 2 licenses?

For LGV Class 1 (Cat CE) training, the recommended tuition time, including the test day, is typically 36 to 40 hours.

However, some individuals have successfully completed the course in as little as 31.5 hours.

For those already possessing an LGV Class 2 license looking to upgrade, we recommend approximately 22 hours of training, though some have managed to complete it in 18 hours.

Who is suitable for LGV Class 2 training?

Individuals possessing a car license seeking entry into the world of transport are ideal candidates for LGV Class 2 training.

This license allows driving rigid vehicles up to a weight of 32 tonnes, primarily used for local work due to available pallet spaces on the vehicle.

Does DriverLink offer refresher training?

Absolutely! We understand that learning continues even after obtaining a vocational license.

That’s why we offer refresher training designed to boost confidence and readiness for employment.

The refresher course covers essential aspects such as tachograph usage, vehicle controls, vehicle checks, bay reversing (including 90-degree turns and ‘blind side’ manoeuvres), and load securing.

What does the Industry Ready Advanced LGV Training entail?

Our Industry Ready Advanced LGV Training program is designed to prepare individuals for the demands of the industry.

This course dives deeper into key areas, including tachograph usage, comprehensive vehicle control and checks, advanced bay reversing techniques (including 90-degree turns and ‘blind side’ manoeuvres), and thorough load securing methods. It’s a crucial step toward becoming industry-ready post-license acquisition.

Can DriverLink accommodate customised training needs?

Absolutely! While we provide recommended durations for our courses, we understand that individual learning curves may vary. We’re open to discussing and tailoring training programs to meet specific needs whenever possible.

How can I enroll in DriverLink’s LGV driver training courses?

Enrolling in our training programs is straightforward. Simply reach out to us through our contact channels or visit our facility to discuss your requirements.

We’ll guide you through the enrollment process and recommend the best course based on your goals and needs.

What sets DriverLink’s training apart?

At DriverLink, our focus is not just on passing tests but on ensuring that our trainees are fully prepared and industry-ready.

We prioritise practical, real-life scenarios in our training, offer comprehensive support throughout the licensing process, and provide advanced courses to boost confidence and skills post-license acquisition.

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Transport Management FAQs with Driver Link Training

Do you want to further your knowledge of transport management courses? Check out our transport management FAQs!

DriverLink Training provide expert transport management courses so you can become a fully qualified Transport Manager!

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about transport management FAQs with DriverLink.

Transport Management FAQs

What does DriverLink offer in its Transport Management CPC courses?

Our Transport Management CPC courses are designed to prepare individuals aiming to become professional and qualified Transport Managers in logistics and road haulage operations.

We focus on aiding you in passing your Operators CPC Exams successfully on the first attempt through our comprehensive courses.

Why do prices vary among Transport Management CPC course providers?

Prices for Transport Management CPC courses can vary significantly among providers due to differences in course inclusions, teaching methods, facilities, and additional support offered.

At DriverLink, we strive to provide exceptional training that ensures your success while offering competitive pricing.

We offer a full 10-day in-class course with exams on day 11. Some other providers offer this course in 5 days, with some offering 4 days but we believe that this qualification is entry level into the Transport Management world and this time frame is far from insufficient.

What is the recommended approach for booking a Transport Management CPC course with DriverLink?

We encourage early bookings to allow ample time for home study preparation. Upon booking, we provide home study materials to give you a head start before the 10-day intensive on-site course.

This comprehensive approach increases the likelihood of passing the Operator CPC exams on your first attempt.

Can you explain the Transport Manager CPC Home Study Training Course Material?

When you book your course with us, you’ll receive a home study folder. We’ll spend time guiding you through the content, ensuring you understand it thoroughly and allowing you to begin your studies before the on-site tuition.

Our team is available during office hours to assist with any queries, and experienced instructors will schedule calls to support your progress.

Where are the Transport Manager CPC exams conducted?

DriverLink offers the convenience of completing your Transport Manager CPC exams in the same facility where you attend your tuition. Our modern, well-equipped centre provides a relaxed environment for your exams.

We are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) to conduct these exams in our purpose-built centre, eliminating the need for additional travel. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our Google reviews.

What are the benefits of Transport Manager CPC training with DriverLink?

  • Industry-Recognised Qualification: Our courses provide an industry-recognised qualification that equips you with transferable professional skills.
  • Flexible Course Options: We offer course options tailored to suit operational needs and individual learning styles, including in-company options for scheduling flexibility.
  • Compliance and Efficiency: Gain the knowledge base required to manage and run a compliant and efficient transport operation effectively.
  • Learn from in field experienced instructors using actual tools and other aids which are used by our own operation.
  • Learn from a company who has high standards of compliance and a part of the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme.

How will Transport Management CPC training help my career?

Obtaining your Transport Manager CPC qualification not only enhances your skills but also opens doors to various career opportunities within the logistics and road haulage sectors.

It demonstrates your commitment to professional development and expertise in managing transport operations effectively. You cannot be nominated as a Transport manager without this qualification.

How can I enrol in DriverLink’s Transport Management CPC courses?

Enrolling in our Transport Management CPC courses is simple.

Contact us via phone, email, or visit our facility, and our team will guide you through the enrolment process, discuss course options, and provide the necessary information to get you started on your journey toward becoming a qualified Transport Manager.

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Warehousing in Skelmersdale with DriverLink!

Are you searching for warehousing in Skelmersdale? DriverLink have the solution!

At DriverLink, we take pride in offering warehousing solutions tailored to your storage needs.

Our Skelmersdale facility is designed to accommodate both short and long-term storage requirements, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about Warehousing in Skelmersdale with DriverLink!

Warehousing in Skelmersdale

Flexible Storage Options

Whether you require racked pallet storage or bulk floor space solutions, DriverLink delivers unparalleled versatility.

Our goal is to cater to your unique storage needs, providing adaptable options for external or internal storage.

From short-term projects to ongoing storage necessities, our customisable solutions are crafted to suit your business demands perfectly.

Revamped Facility for Optimal Conditions

Our Skelmersdale warehouse has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence.

From floor to ceiling, every aspect of our facility has been meticulously upgraded to ensure optimal storage conditions for a wide array of goods.

The result is a visually impressive and functionally enhanced space, ready to accommodate your storage requirements.

Advanced Security Measures

Security is at the core of our operations. To safeguard your stored items, our site is equipped with a cutting-edge security system.

Internal and external cameras, coupled with monitored alarms, provide round-the-clock surveillance.

This comprehensive setup ensures that your goods are protected and secure, giving you peace of mind.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At DriverLink, we understand the importance of sustainability. Our facility operates using 100% electric loading means, powered by significant solar investment.

This commitment to renewable energy not only reduces our environmental impact but also offers clear advantages for a greener future.

By choosing our services, you’re also choosing eco-friendly operations.

What can I use Warehousing spaces for?

Warehouses are designed to accommodate a wide range of products, making them ideal for a number of different industries, including manufacturing, retail, and logistics. Below are some of the common uses of Warehousing spaces:


This is the most common use of Warehousing spaces. Companies use these facilities to store their products until they are needed for distribution.

The Warehousing spaces are equipped with shelving, racks, and pallets to accommodate all types of products and keep them organised.


Warehousing spaces are a vital component in the distribution networks of many companies. Warehouses are strategically located to ensure prompt delivery of products to stores or customers.


Some Warehousing spaces are used as manufacturing facilities. These facilities are fitted with machinery and equipment to produce companies’ goods.


In cross-docking, products are received at the Warehousing spaces and then immediately loaded onto trucks for delivery. This helps in reducing storage costs and streamlining the supply chain.

E-commerce fulfilment

Warehousing spaces are ideal for e-commerce fulfilment. They can be used to receive, store, and distribute products ordered online.

Furthermore, they are equipped with technology that can be integrated with e-commerce platforms to ensure real-time inventory and order management.

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DriverLink are now a DVSA Earned Recognition Operator

DriverLink is now a DVSA Earned Recognition operator, which is only available to operators who have Earned Recognition status and DVSA-approved audit providers and validated IT suppliers.

This latest blog from DriverLink will tell you everything you need to know about the marquee and how it works.

What is the DVSA Earned Recognition Operator Scheme?

The DVSA Earned Recognition program is a voluntary scheme developed to enable vehicle operators, regardless of their size, to prove their commitment to meeting stringent driver and vehicle standards.

To participate in this program, operators regularly share performance information with the DVSA in the form of monthly reports.

This initiative has been cultivated over several years and offers compliant and exemplary operators a distinctive status.

As a result, these operators face fewer roadside checks and experience a more collaborative relationship with the DVSA should any compliance issues arise during their participation in the scheme.

These operators work closely with a dedicated team at DVSA, with this team having access to a wealth of data to ensure that both the operator and its drivers continue to maintain compliance with specific key performance indicators.

How does the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme work?

To become a DVSA Earned Recognition Operator, certain criteria must be met:

  1. Operator’s License: The operator must have held an Operator’s License for at least two years.
  2. Regulatory Action: The operator should not have been subject to regulatory action from the Traffic Commissioner, except for a formal warning, for the previous two years.
  3. Electronic Record Keeping: The operator must have an electronic record-keeping system provided by one of the DVSA’s validated IT suppliers, which allows DVSA to monitor compliance remotely.
  4. Compliance Audit: A compliance audit, conducted by a DVSA accredited auditor, must be submitted no more than three months before the application is considered.

This audit must demonstrate that the operator is currently compliant and has effective working systems in place or will have them in place within three months as per a specific action plan. Additional audit reports need to be submitted on a two-year basis.

The key performance indicators are centered around maintenance, drivers’ hours compliance, and fixed penalties or prosecutions incurred by the operator.

These indicators include ensuring that all planned maintenance inspections (PMIs) are completed on schedule, achieving a high initial pass rate at annual vehicle and trailer tests, keeping drivers’ hours infringements to a minimum, and avoiding most serious infringements and unaccounted missing mileage.

What are the Benefits?

Joining the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme has numerous benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency – Operators with Earned Recognition status are perceived as safe and compliant, leading to fewer vehicle inspections and checks.
  • Recognition – Operators are recognised as DVSA-approved on the official GOV.UK list, and they can display the DVSA earned recognition marque on their website and other promotional materials.
  • Competitive Advantage – Earned Recognition status can be used to enhance bidding and advertising efforts, providing a competitive edge in winning new business contracts.
  • Commercial Advantage – Membership in the scheme may give operators a commercial advantage when bidding for contracts. DVSA permits the use of the earned recognition marque for this purpose.

It’s essential to note that participation in the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme is voluntary, and operators can choose to withdraw at any point.

The DVSA has the authority to remove operators from the scheme if they can no longer demonstrate compliance or if their actions are likely to bring the scheme into disrepute.

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Top 5 Benefits of LGV Driver Training in Liverpool

Are you looking to kick-start your career with LGV Driver Training in Liverpool? 

DriverLink Training provides LGV Training in Liverpool, helping you to explore a new career and increase your earnings.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know on the benefits of LGV Driver Training and how to start your career with DriverLink Training.

What is an LGV Driver?

An LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) Driver is a professional driver who operates a heavy goods vehicle. 

The term LGV encompasses a range of vehicles that are often referred to as lorries, trucks, or articulated vehicles. 

They are used to transport goods over long distances, either within the UK or between countries in the EU.

Top 5 Benefits of LGV Driver Training in Liverpool


The most significant advantage of LGV training is the increased safety and reduced risk for drivers and other road users.

Completing the DriverLink LGV Driver Training Course in Liverpool will ensure you learn the correct skills and procedures needed to drive an LGV on the road.

It also educates them on safe driving practices, which go a long way to preventing accidents and injuries while operating an LGV.


Increased confidence is one of the most important benefits of DriverLink’s LGV driver training. 

Being comfortable behind the wheel of an LGV helps drivers maintain their composure and make sound decisions even in stressful situations. 

As a result, drivers are better equipped to navigate challenging roads, traffic, and weather conditions, ultimately improving safety and productivity.


Driver training educates candidates on the best practices to follow when driving an LGV. This improves the level of your driving, reducing the strain and wear and tear on your vehicle. 

This helps reduce the amount you will have to spend fixing issues such as tyres, brakes and clutches, as well as damages from poor driving, such as damages from potholes and bridge strikes.

Job Opportunities 

DriverLink’s LGV driver training course provides certification that meets industry-standard requirements, making our candidates more desirable to potential employers. 

Furthermore, our training equips individuals with transferable skills that enable them to thrive in many logistics and distribution roles.


Having an LGV driver’s license opens up multiple career progression opportunities, and DriverLink’s training courses prepare candidates for the next level of expertise. 

Drivers who complete our LGV training courses may go on to earn certifications in ADR, HIAB, or other specialised equipment, leading to higher-paying and more fulfilling job opportunities.

LGV Driver Training Liverpool Course Requirements

If you plan to enrol in the LGV Driver Training Liverpool Course, you need to fulfil a few crucial requirements before commencing the course.

  • Must be 18 or over
  • Have a UK car driving licence
  • Bring your driving licence with you when taking tests
  • A valid photo card licence.

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DriverLink boast a 100% pass rate, and each delegate receives a free ADR booklet that they can take home with them

LGV Driver Training in Liverpool with Driver Link Training

Are you searching for LGV Driver Training in Liverpool? Look no further with Driver Link Training!

If you are looking to change your career and try something new, then Driver Link Training can provide LGV Training Liverpool.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about our LGV Driver Training Courses in Liverpool!

LGV Driver Training Courses in Liverpool

At Driver Link Training, we offer LGV driver training courses that are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate LGVs safely and efficiently.

Our courses are tailored to suit the needs of learners with different levels of experience and provide a comprehensive range of theoretical and practical training to ensure that you are fully prepared for the job.

Our LGV courses cover everything from the basics, such as the application process for obtaining an LGV licence, to more advanced topics, such as vehicle handling and driving in adverse weather conditions.

We provide a thorough grounding in all aspects of LGV driving, including the latest technologies and safety protocols that are essential for safe and effective driving.

The LGV training courses at Driver Link Training are delivered by experienced instructors with a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise.

They will guide you through the process, from theory and practical training to passing your driving test and obtaining your LGV licence.

With our LGV driver training, you can drive any rigid or articulated vehicles.

This will open up a world of opportunities, enabling you to explore new career paths and increase your earning potential.

LGV Training Liverpool Course Requirements

If you are interested in taking the LGV Training Liverpool course, there are several requirements that you must fulfil.

Firstly, you must be 18 years of age or over in order to participate in the programme. This age requirement aligns with legal obligations and ensures that all participants can legally drive an LGV upon certification.

Secondly, it is mandatory that you have a valid UK car driving licence. This requirement demands that you have passed the necessary driving tests and held your licence for a certain period of time.

A driving licence demonstrates your driving ability and experience, which is crucial when learning to drive an LGV.

Lastly, it is important that you bring your driving licence with you when taking tests. This is necessary for both proof of identity and to ensure that you meet the driving licence requirement for the course.

A valid photo card licence is also required, which serves as an official form of identification for the course.

What if you don’t pass your LGV Driver Training test?

In the unfortunate event that you do not pass your LGV test, please do not worry! We will offer a retest and any additional tuition required to focus on the weaker points which caused the unfortunate result.

Furthermore, if you feel that you require additional training, our team is here to support you. We can provide further training to ensure you are fully prepared and confident for your retest.

Our focus is on helping you succeed and achieve your goals. We understand that passing your LGV test can be challenging, but with our expert guidance, our aim is that you will be ready for your retest in just two weeks.

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Are you searching for ADR courses near me?

Are you searching for ADR courses near me? Driverlink Training is here to help!

Driverlink Training provides the latest ADR Courses that help you beat the examination queues and gain instant results with our online examinations.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about Driverlink’s ADR courses near you!

ADR Courses Near Me – Driverlink Training

The ADR (Dangerous Goods) Training Course is a legally required course for all drivers who transport dangerous goods.

The Department for Transport appoints the SQA to oversee all approved comprehensive training, courses and examinations to ensure that all drivers are fully qualified to transport hazardous loads safely and appropriately.

During the course, drivers are trained on the risks associated with dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

They are also taught how to handle these goods carefully, follow all necessary safety procedures, making sure all packages are properly labelled and marking up their vehicles correctly.

The ADR (Dangerous Goods) Training Course covers a wide range of topics, including the legal requirements for transporting hazardous materials, the different classes of dangerous goods and their associated risks. The necessary precautions and emergency procedures that should be taken in the event of an accident or spillage.

Upon completing the ADR (Dangerous Goods) Training Course, drivers will receive a Driver Training Certificate (DTC). This will show which class of dangerous goods you can transport under what transport mode.

Driverlink Training ADR Course

The ADR training course is divided into nine classes, each class representing a different hazardous and danger, depending on which goods you intend to transport.

You must decide which class or classes plus the mode of transportation you wish to carry the dangerous goods. For instance, the class three and tankers training are specifically for fuel transportation.

The Driverlink Training ADR course has many benefits, including helping drivers understand the risks involved in hazardous goods transportation and how to manage them effectively.

This training ensures the safety of the driver, the vehicle, and everyone who may come into contact with the dangerous goods.

It’s important to note that the most common route for ADR training is seven classes, packages and or tankers, excluding classes one explosives, and class seven radioactive materials which are specialist training courses.

ADR Driver Training Courses Price Promise

Our comprehensive Core, Packages and seven Classes course is available at the incredibly low price of £415.00 without Driver CPC or £445.00 with 21 Hours Driver CPC. This package covers all the essential aspects of ADR training, including core module, packages, and seven classes.

You get all the knowledge and skills you need to drive hazardous materials safely and confidently.

We also offer the Core module, Packages, Tankers and 7 Classes package, which is priced at £519.00 without Driver CPC or £559.00 with 28 Hours Driver CPC. This training course includes everything in the Core module, Packages, and 7 Classes package plus the additional tanker module.

This course is perfect for you if you plan to handle flammable liquids, gases, or other hazardous materials in packages and tanks.

For those who require specific training to meet their job requirements then we can tailor our courses to suit your needs. Example: if you would like to be a fuel tanker driver then Core module, Tankers, and class three is all you need.

This package is priced at £279.00 without Driver CPC or £289.00 with seven hours Driver CPC. This course teaches you the essential aspects of handling flammable liquid dangerous goods safely and complying with legal requirements.

Our transparent pricing policy reflects our dedication to delivering quality training at the best price – no hidden extras, no unexpected charges. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Driverlink Training ADR driver training courses are designed to help you succeed, so you can become a certified professional ADR driver and maximise your career potential.

We boast 100% pass rate and each delegate receives a free ADR booklet that they can take home with them

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So why wait? Whether you are in the Liverpool, Skelmersdale or Wigan, area, we have professionally trained ADR trainers ready to teach you on your chosen route.

Call us today on 01942 826133 for more information!

Driverlink Training and Town and Country Celebrate 1 year Anniversary

Driverlink Training are proud to celebrate our 1-year anniversary after acquiring Town and Country LGV Driving School.

Here at Driverlink, we value our partnerships with long-standing businesses that provide excellent customer service.

Who are Town and Country LGV Driving School?

Town and Country LGV Driving School is a reputable, trusted driving school based in Liverpool.

Established in 1989, we take pride in being the city’s longest-established LGV driving school.

Having served the city for over three decades, we have garnered a wealth of experience and expertise in training individuals to become excellent LGV drivers.

At Town and Country LGV Driving School, we offer a wide range of courses and options to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced driver looking to upgrade your skills, we have a course that suits your requirements.

Our expert trainers will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring you gain the necessary skills and the confidence to excel on the road.

What Training Courses do Town and Country LGV Driving School Provide?

Town and Country LGV Driving School offers a range of training courses to help individuals obtain their LGV licence.

New starters would be required to complete 1 & 2 below, whilst delegates that have started the process already may be able to just select from 3, 4 or 5.

All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT, and everything required to legally allow you to drive LGV’s commercially.

  1. Car to Cat C (Class 2)

For those looking to upgrade their licence from a car to a Cat C (Class 2), the school offers a comprehensive package priced at £2251.00.

This package includes a medical, provisional application, LGV theory test study book, Highway code book, 3 x theory test booking, 19 hours of tuition, 3-hour vehicle hire for test, 3a and 3b tests and Driver CPC entitlement (Modules 2 and 4).

  1. Car to Cat CE (Class 1)

This package includes all the same inclusions as the Class 2 package, but with 33 hours of tuition and 3-hour vehicle hire for test priced at £3439.00.

Additionally, individuals must complete the 3a and 3b tests and receive their Driver CPC entitlement.

  1. Car to Cat C (Class 2) – £1775.00
  • 19 hours tuition
  • 3-hour vehicle hire for test (includes journeys to and from the test centre and test time)
  • 3a test
  • 3b test
  1. Car to Cat CE (Class 1) – £2963.00
  • 33 hours tuition
  • 3-hour vehicle hire for test (includes journeys to and from the test centre and test time)
  • 3a test
  • 3b test
  1. Cat C (Class 2) to Cat CE (Class 1) – £1910.00
  • 19 hours tuition
  • 3-hour vehicle hire for test (includes journeys to and from the test centre and test time)
  • 3a test
  • 3b test

Why choose Driverlink Training?

Driverlink Training is ideal if you’re looking for driver training courses in Liverpool!

Our experienced instructors deliver professional driver training courses that meet industry standards, regulations and best practices.

Courses are held regularly throughout the year, so you don’t have long to wait before you can become qualified.

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Contact us today to learn more by calling 01942 826 133 or using our online enquiry form online here

Why Driverlink Training is Number One for Transport Management CPC Courses

Are you searching for the number one place for transport management CPC courses in the North West?

Here at Driverlink Training, you can pass your operations CPC exams first time with our courses.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about becoming a professional, qualified transport manager in logistics and road haulage operations with Driverlink!

Transport Management CPC Home Study Support

At Driverlink Training, we understand the importance of thoroughly understanding transport management concepts, which is why we offer comprehensive CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) courses that you can start from the comfort of your home.

When you book your course with us, you can expect to receive a detailed home study folder containing essential learning materials that you can use to kick start your learning.

We believe the key to successful learning is ample time to digest, review, and apply the information.

So, we encourage you to book your course at your earliest convenience, thus allowing maximum time for home studies.

Once you have booked, one of our expert course tutors will schedule an initial call to discuss the content of your home study folder and provide clear guidance on how best to approach your self-directed learning.

Our team will remain readily available during office hours, offering support and assistance for any questions or concerns you may have.

You’ll benefit from their expertise through these regular interactions and feel confident in your progress.

The Benefits of Transport Management CPC

Below are some of the key benefits associated with Transport Management CPC Courses.

Tailored Learning Experience

Transport Management CPC Courses offer flexible and customisable course options that cater to various operational requirements and individual learning preferences.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Undertaking a Transport Management CPC Course leads to an in-depth understanding of the critical operational aspects of transport management.

This includes robust knowledge of regulatory frameworks, health and safety standards, financial management, and operational performance.

As a result, qualified professionals can help their organisations run a more efficient, compliant, and streamlined transport operation.

Greater Compliance and Risk Management

Transport Management Courses provide learners with a solid understanding of national and international legislative frameworks, enabling them to adhere to the stringent regulations in the transport and logistics sectors.

This not only minimises the risk of non-compliance but also helps uphold the organisation’s reputation.

Improved Decision-Making Abilities

Transport Management Courses equip learners with the analytical and strategic thinking skills required to make informed decisions.

This ensures the ongoing development of their organisations in areas such as operational efficiency, route optimisation, and cost-effectiveness.

Competitive Edge

Possessing a Transport Management qualification demonstrates a high level of industry-specific expertise, which in turn can give organisations the competitive edge needed to stand out in a saturated market.

Professional Development Opportunities

As an industry-recognised certification, Transport Management CPC Courses can act as a launchpad for career advancement.

A Transport Management CPC qualification often opens up new job opportunities and can even lead to higher levels of responsibility within an organisation.

Networking Opportunities

Enrolling in a Transport Management Course often connects learners with industry professionals and peers, providing invaluable networking opportunities.

These connections can lead to potential partnerships, collaborations, or job opportunities.

Get in touch!

Contact us today to learn more about Transport Management courses by calling 01942 826 133 or using our online enquiry form online here.