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St Helens

St Helens

Are you searching for a driver CPC training in St Helens? Look no further than DriverLink.

DriverLink provide CPC, LGV and ADR training courses so you can kick start your driver training journey with us!

This latest location page will explain everything you need to know on our driver CPC training in St Helens and how you can get started today!

Driver CPC Training St Helens

Driver CPC Training at DriverLink goes beyond the standard 7-hour course. We aim to create an engaging environment where drivers can learn and enjoy their course rather than merely ticking boxes.

For small training companies struggling to keep materials up-to-date or transport companies looking to instruct Driver CPC internally, purchasing a Driver CPC Consortium package can be a quick and effective solution.

With this package, you can access 12 x 3.5 hours of approved courses ready to deliver under our centre’s approval. These courses, written by experienced trainers and incorporating Qwizdom software, eliminate the need for DVSA approval and administrative work.

LGV Driver Training St Helens

Our LGV Driver Training offers intensive 1-on-1 training for licence categories C (Class 2) and CE (Class 1).

We provide thorough preparation for every aspect of the DVSA testing requirements, including practice and assessment on our private DVSA-approved assessing area.

The course includes complete support, from initial form filling, booking medical and theories, tuition, testing, and module 4 (initial CPC).

DriverLink uses modern, automatic articulated vehicles for training and does not guarantee passes because we believe in equipping you with the required skills rather than promising unnecessary retests.

ADR Training St Helens

ADR training is crucial for anyone involved in the safe transportation of dangerous goods.

At DriverLink Training, we offer in-depth ADR training that meets EU and international legislation requirements.

Our instructors are experienced in the safe movement of dangerous goods and ensure your staff are trained to the highest possible standard.

Our most popular package, Core, Packages, and 7 Classes, is priced at just £425.00 without Driver CPC or £455.00 with 21 Hours Driver CPC.

Transport Management St Helens

DriverLink offers a comprehensive Transport Management CPC course in St Helens that is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge and skills required to become a qualified and professional transport manager.

Our course is taught by experienced industry professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in logistics and road haulage operations.

The course is structured to cover all the key areas that are included in the Operator CPC exams, including road transport law, business management, financial management, and health and safety.

We use a variety of teaching methods and resources, including interactive workshops, case studies, and practical exercises, to ensure that candidates can understand and apply the key concepts and principles.

Refresher Training

DriverLink’s Refresher training is designed to provide professional drivers with a comprehensive refresher on various aspects of driving techniques and skills.

This training programme is designed to cover all the essential areas of professional driving, starting from basic driving skills and extending to advanced skills such as tachograph usage, vehicle controls, bay reversing, and load securing.

The training content offered by DriverLink is tailored to the specific needs of each driver based on their level of experience and skill set.

This customised approach ensures that the training is relevant, practical, and engaging for participants.

The training programme comprises classroom instructions and practical hands-on exercises that are designed to improve participants’ driving proficiency, safety, and efficiency.

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