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Are you looking to kick-start your Driver CPC Training in Preston? Look no further!

DriverLink Training has LGV, ADR & CPC Training available in Preston for you to choose from.

Driver CPC Training in Preston

At DriverLink Training, we focus on providing training courses beyond just ticking boxes.

We believe in engaging and educating drivers on a deeper level, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be safe, competent drivers.

One key aspect of our Driver CPC Training Courses is our use of interactive technology.

Through our innovative Qwizdom hardware, we can create engaging and interactive learning experiences that encourage participation and interaction.

By allowing drivers to engage with the course material, we can ensure that the learning sticks and drivers can fully comprehend the information presented to them.

Not only is our Qwizdom technology fun and engaging, but it also produces a report at the end of the training course that shows knowledge levels.

This allows drivers to track their progress and identify any areas they may need to focus on to improve their knowledge.

We also proudly offer our Driver CPC Training Courses a fun, competitive edge.

Our presentations are designed to be engaging and entertaining, ensuring that drivers learn and enjoy the course. And don’t just take our word for it – look at the glowing testimonials we receive from satisfied clients!

LGV Driver Training in Preston

DriverLink Training can be your one-stop solution. We offer comprehensive LGV training courses in Preston that can equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to attain your HGV driving license.

With our expert instructors and modern equipment, we ensure that our students receive quality training and guidance throughout the course.

Our HGV training program covers all aspects of operating a heavy goods vehicle, from provisional paperwork to the driving theory and practical test.

We also provide vehicle and instructor hire, enabling you to gain hands-on experience in a safe and controlled environment.

Upon completing our LGV training course, you will be able to operate Class 2 Large Goods Vehicles, which allows you to drive any rigid LGV or HGV up to a weight of 32 tonnes or Class 1 large Goods Vehicles which allows you to drive articulated vehicles up to a weight of 44 tonnes. Additional training can be provided to allow you to carry weights in excess of the quoted under STGO rules.

At DriverLink Training, we understand the importance of safety, and our LGV training course is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of driving laws and regulations.

Our experienced instructors will teach you defensive driving techniques to operate a heavy goods vehicle on the road safely.

With our training course, you can experience the thrill of driving a large vehicle while exploring a new career path that can boost your earning potential.

ADR Training Course Preston

Our expert instructors are highly qualified and experienced and will provide you with comprehensive training in all aspects of ADR.

To get started, you’ll need to take the ADR Core Class, which covers the fundamentals of dangerous goods transportation.

From there, you will choose whether to specialise in carrying hazardous goods in packages, tanks, or both. ADR is divided into nine classes, each representing different hazardous products. For example, Class 3 is for fuel.

At DriverLink, we offer a range of popular ADR course packages, all at unbeatable prices. Our most popular option is Core, Packages and 7 Classes, which costs just £425.00 without Driver CPC or £455.00 with 21 Hours Driver CPC.

If you need to carry hazardous goods in tanks and packages, our Core, Packages, Tanks and 7 Classes package is a perfect choice, costing £529.00 without Driver CPC or £569.00 with 28 Hours Driver CPC.

If you only need to specialise in one class of hazardous goods, we also offer a Core, Tanks and Class 3 package, priced at £289.00 without Driver CPC or £299.00 with 7 Hours Driver CPC.

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