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Are you looking for warehousing near Burscough? DriverLink Training can help!

DriverLink has expert warehousing facilities near Burscough, and our Skelmersdale warehouse is just off the m58.

This latest location page will explain all about our warehousing facilities near Burscough and our other services.

DriverLink’s Services

Whether it’s transport, training or warehousing, DriverLink Training can help you with what you need.

Warehousing Near Burscough

DriverLink’s warehousing near Burscough is the perfect solution for businesses looking for storage solutions.

Our warehousing solutions are ideal for storage and distribution. Check out the benefits below!

Improved Inventory Management

  • Centralised Storage: Warehouses provide a centralised location for storing products, making it easier to manage inventory levels and track product movement.
  • Stock Monitoring: Advanced warehousing systems help in monitoring stock levels in real time, reducing the risk of overstocking or stockouts.

Enhanced Shipping and Distribution

  • Efficiency: Warehouses streamline the shipping and distribution process, allowing businesses to fulfil orders more quickly and efficiently.
  • Location Advantage: Strategically located warehouses can reduce transportation costs and delivery times by being closer to key markets or customers.

Cost Savings

  • Bulk Storage: Purchasing products in bulk and storing them in a warehouse can lead to significant cost savings through discounts and reduced shipping costs.
  • Operational Efficiency: Efficient warehousing reduces labour costs associated with handling, storing, and retrieving items.


  • Flexibility: Warehouses allow businesses to scale up or down based on demand, accommodating seasonal fluctuations without the need for permanent infrastructure changes.
  • Space Utilisation: Businesses can utilise warehousing space as needed, avoiding the costs of owning or leasing larger premises that may be underutilised during off-peak periods.

Risk Management

  • Security: Warehouses often have robust security measures, including surveillance cameras and controlled access, ensuring that stored goods are protected from theft and damage.
  • Inventory Buffer: Maintaining a buffer stock in a warehouse helps mitigate risks related to supply chain disruptions and ensures continuous product availability.


Driver CPC Consortium Near Burscough

Are you a small training company struggling to keep materials updated, relevant, and engaging?

Or perhaps a transport company looking to deliver Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training internally?

Joining a Driver CPC Consortium package is a quick and efficient way to offer Driver CPC courses without paying approval fees or undergoing the administrative work of getting your company and course materials certified by the DVSA.

As a member of the Driverlink Training CPC Consortium, you will have access to 12 x 3.5-hour approved courses, ready to deliver under our centre’s authorisation.

Our courses are crafted by experienced trainers and incorporate the Qwizdom software.

We take great pride in the way we deliver training materials to the industry. Words alone cannot capture the quality of our service; let us demonstrate it to you.

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DriverLink Training has a range of services we can provide, which include:

For more information about our warehousing near Burscough and our Driver CPC Consortium services, contact DriverLink today by calling 01942 826 133.