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Are you starting your driving career? At DriverLink, we offer expert Driver CPC Training in Bolton.

Our courses are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the transport industry.

DriverLink Training is a transport and training company based in Skelmersdale, England. The company consists of DriverLink Training, DriverLink Transport, and Town and Country LGV Training.

Our expertise lies in offering comprehensive training programs for aspiring drivers and transport managers.

Driver CPC Training Bolton 

Our highly-regarded Driver CPC Training in Bolton stands out in the transport industry.

We aim to exceed basic tick-box compliance training by focusing on equipping our learners with deep knowledge and skills for excellence on the road.

We utilise state-of-the-art technology like Qwizdom hardware to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. This boosts participation and comprehension, providing an enjoyable learning environment.

The software maintains the answers provided by candidates, allowing us to generate reports highlighting knowledge gaps and providing improvement recommendations.

Our curriculum covers a broad range of subjects such as defensive driving, fuel-efficient driving, customer service for drivers, first aid, and many more.

After completing our Driver CPC Training courses, our clients have reported higher satisfaction levels and increased confidence among their drivers.

Driver LGV Training Bolton

At DriverLink, we also offer LGV courses designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain your LGV driving license.

The program covers everything from provisional paperwork to driving theory and practical tests. We also offer the convenience of vehicle and instructor hire for hands-on experience in a safe, controlled environment.

Upon completion of our course, you’ll be qualified to operate Class 2 Large Goods Vehicles up to a weight of 32 tonnes or Class 1 Large Goods Vehicles up to a weight of 44 tonnes.

Additional training is available for those looking to carry weights exceeding the quoted under STGO rules.

ADR Training Courses Bolton 

DriverLink offers a variety of competitively priced ADR course packages. One of our most popular options is the Core Packages and 7 Classes package, costing £425.00 without Driver CPC or £455.00 with 21 Hours Driver CPC.

For those needing to transport hazardous goods in both tanks and packages, we recommend our Core, Packages, Tanks and 7 Classes package. It costs £529.00 without Driver CPC or £569.00 with 28 Hours Driver CPC.

If you want to specialise in one class of hazardous goods, we also provide a Core, Tanks and Class 3 package, costing £289.00 without Driver CPC or £299.00 with 7 Hours Driver CPC.

What other services do DriverLink provide?

DriverLink Training provides a wide range of expert services which include:

How often are Driver CPC Courses run?  

DriverLink Training runs Driver CPC courses twice weekly, on Thursdays and Saturdays.

This schedule provides flexibility for those who work throughout the week and those who prefer weekend training.

However, if you’re a company looking to send your drivers for training and these days don’t suit your needs, DriverLink encourages you to get in touch.

We are committed to accommodating the needs of their clients and may be able to arrange alternative training dates that better align with your company’s schedule.

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For more information on DriverLink’s Driver CPC, LGV and ADR training courses in Bolton, call DriverLink Training on 01942 826133.