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Warehousing in Skelmersdale with DriverLink!

Are you searching for warehousing in Skelmersdale? DriverLink have the solution!

At DriverLink, we take pride in offering warehousing solutions tailored to your storage needs.

Our Skelmersdale facility is designed to accommodate both short and long-term storage requirements, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about Warehousing in Skelmersdale with DriverLink!

Warehousing in Skelmersdale

Flexible Storage Options

Whether you require racked pallet storage or bulk floor space solutions, DriverLink delivers unparalleled versatility.

Our goal is to cater to your unique storage needs, providing adaptable options for external or internal storage.

From short-term projects to ongoing storage necessities, our customisable solutions are crafted to suit your business demands perfectly.

Revamped Facility for Optimal Conditions

Our Skelmersdale warehouse has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence.

From floor to ceiling, every aspect of our facility has been meticulously upgraded to ensure optimal storage conditions for a wide array of goods.

The result is a visually impressive and functionally enhanced space, ready to accommodate your storage requirements.

Advanced Security Measures

Security is at the core of our operations. To safeguard your stored items, our site is equipped with a cutting-edge security system.

Internal and external cameras, coupled with monitored alarms, provide round-the-clock surveillance.

This comprehensive setup ensures that your goods are protected and secure, giving you peace of mind.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At DriverLink, we understand the importance of sustainability. Our facility operates using 100% electric loading means, powered by significant solar investment.

This commitment to renewable energy not only reduces our environmental impact but also offers clear advantages for a greener future.

By choosing our services, you’re also choosing eco-friendly operations.

What can I use Warehousing spaces for?

Warehouses are designed to accommodate a wide range of products, making them ideal for a number of different industries, including manufacturing, retail, and logistics. Below are some of the common uses of Warehousing spaces:


This is the most common use of Warehousing spaces. Companies use these facilities to store their products until they are needed for distribution.

The Warehousing spaces are equipped with shelving, racks, and pallets to accommodate all types of products and keep them organised.


Warehousing spaces are a vital component in the distribution networks of many companies. Warehouses are strategically located to ensure prompt delivery of products to stores or customers.


Some Warehousing spaces are used as manufacturing facilities. These facilities are fitted with machinery and equipment to produce companies’ goods.


In cross-docking, products are received at the Warehousing spaces and then immediately loaded onto trucks for delivery. This helps in reducing storage costs and streamlining the supply chain.

E-commerce fulfilment

Warehousing spaces are ideal for e-commerce fulfilment. They can be used to receive, store, and distribute products ordered online.

Furthermore, they are equipped with technology that can be integrated with e-commerce platforms to ensure real-time inventory and order management.

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Quite Simply – We ARE The Best!

Driverlink Training

And so I would challenge anybody who thinks differently.

Driver CPC was always something that the management at Driverlink Training have always seen in a different perspective, they have experience from both sides of the desk.

Saving £10 on a course or fraudulently completing less hours are 2 factors we have never been able to understand, if you are paying to learn, why not learn!

The turn of the period back in September 2014, the team of trainers at Driverlink Training completed in excess of 500 hours in order to ensure our clientele had a fresh set of courses for the new period of training.

We are fast approaching Period 2, Year 3 – YES, Year 3 and still a large majority are still opting to leave this training until Year 5. My point is, we are doing our bit, we are offering regular courses, minimum of 2 per week to be precise and most importantly, we are updating our material to bring our delegates away from that boring mundane ‘death by Powerpoint’ 1990’s pile of trash!

Course renewals time is fast approaching, so what have we done for Period 2, Year 3?

Raised the bar, that’s what. Take Drivers Hours, WTD and Defect Reporting for instance, this is probably the most popular Driver CPC course in the industry, with delegates thinking they know it all as they have sat a similar course time and time again, but when you have the systems to prove they don’t, it is quite satisfying to know delegates have come to us and learned, but most importantly, gone away happy.

Touching on the Drivers Hours course, we are going in to the 8th year of Driver CPC so we have taken the decision to increase the time from 3.5 hours to 7 hours and taken inspiration from our OCR management level course, this encourages delegates to interact in small groups whilst proving what they have learned by having to think!

Having spent at least a further 50 hours on this particular course myself, I will quite happily boast that it is pretty damn good, one that we’re looking forward to delivering.

How many other companies can you sit a Driver CPC course with and use electronic handsets throughout which are prompted with questions following explanation slides, creating a report upon completion for drivers and their employers to file or reference?

We have invested heavily in to this hardware, and in to adapting the course material to be adaptable but it is one of those investments that I can look back on without regret, arguably the best thing we have done for Driver CPC.

Trainer interaction is as vitally important as the material/subjects they are delivering, we could all read from a Powerpoint presentation, is that what you really want?

We receive so many applications for trainers wanting to train for us, deep down I would like to be able to help them all but the select trainers we have are all very experienced, qualified and knowledgable in their own course delivery, a loyal bunch that I wouldn’t change.

I personally think over the next 2 years, we are going to see centres open up all across the country quite rapidly, they are going to be centres who have purchased off the shelf materials, employ rusty trainers and because we are right at the deadline, they are going to charge more.

The ‘last minute’ delegates are going to make the industry short of drivers again, placing pressure on businesses to conduct their daily activities.

Why wait, I mean seriously, why wait? Consider your training provider carefully, invest in your staff, especially your drivers as they are ambassadors for your company on so many fronts.

Written by Kevin Allen, MD Driverlink Training