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Transport Management CPC Course: Commercial Conduct of the Business

No.6 of 30 revision modules for the Transport Management CPC course, AKA the Operators CPC course. This short video contains questions and answers based around the Commercial Conduct of Business element from the course.

Each clip lasts for 10 seconds, so it would be advised to pause the question after it has been read in order for you to think of the answer before it is revealed.

OCR set multiple choice questions for this part of the exam, so this tutorial would be harder than expected as you would need to know the answer, before seeing the answer!

Driverlink Training offer an optional 10 x 2.5 hour study sessions on the 10 week approach to the course which covers 12 modules, then the 9 days prior to the Transport Management Case Study exam, we provide a continuous 9 day course in order to give good preparation.

more details of the Transport Management course can be found here: