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How To Become a Lorry Driver? Qualifications and More

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Have you given any thought to how to become a lorry driver? You’ll be responsible for transporting large amounts of goods across the UK, and sometimes go abroad if that is what your job entails. If you love the idea of driving and want the freedom of the open road, then HGV driver work is for you. However, there is a process that potential lorry drivers need to know about.

Naturally, you’ll need the essentials of a valid UK driver’s licence and to be aged over 18, but after that, there’s a little more to consider. Being an LGV or HGV driver is a rewarding career, though, so you need to focus on getting the process right. Let’s take a look.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Lorry Driver?

Becoming an HGV driver means you’ll need to complete a vehicle training course. The process ordinarily takes 2 to 3 months – it largely depends on you. All aspects of the process will be tested, mostly by DVSA.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Lorry Driver?

There are a wealth of costs that are associated with becoming a lorry driver, including applying for and getting your HGV driving licence, and you’ll have to fund most of them yourself.

The good news is that getting an application for a provisional HGV, LGV or PCV (bus licence) is free. However, HGV driver training, tests and exams cost a bit of money.

Theory Tests for HGV Lorry Drivers

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Practical Tests to Become an HGV Driver

Qualifications Needed to be a Lorry Driver

To become an HGV driver, you need to meet the following requirements:

If you’re applying for the first time, then you’ll need to make sure that you apply for the provisional licence first – you’ll need this while you train. From there, you just need to pass the five different tests which make up the Driver CPC to qualify for the LGV or HGV licence. You need to take 35 hours of periodic training every five years to maintain your qualification.

Categories You Can Choose From to Drive a Lorry

There are different categories that you can choose from when it comes to driving a lorry:

How to Get an HGV Licence?

There are four main steps to acquiring an LGV or HGV licence.

1. Medical Exam

You’ll be required to have a routine medical exam to make sure that your health is good and that your reflexes work for driving a PCV or HGV lorry.

2. Theory Test

The HGV theory test is designed to make sure you understand the basics of road and LGV, PCV or HGV safety. This will be a combination of multiple choice and a hazard perception test.

3. Practical HGV Driving Test

The driver’s practical PCV, LGV or HGV test will make sure that you are capable of driving a heavy vehicle. This will be conducted by an official DVLA representative.

4. Driver CPC Training

You’ll be required to complete your driver CPC training to make sure you are qualified to drive a PCV or HGV vehicle.

How to Know if Lorry Driving is For You?

HGV lorry driving is a career which can be rewarding work. However, there are certain rules and requirements for HGV, PCV and LGV drivers which should be considered.

As a solo LGV or HGV driver, you will work a lot of time on the road – especially during the typical work day. You may not have anyone else with you, so it can be lonely work, and you’ll need to concentrate on your driving and the road all the time.

However, if you love seeing new places and getting to choose where you go and what you do, HGV lorry driving can be a good career choice.

If you want to learn to drive an HGV, get in touch with us or call 01942 826133. If you want to learn to drive an HGV, get in touch with us or call 01942 826133 or visit our driver training centre in Wigan.