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Transport Manager CPC – an industry essential

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Transport Manager CPC – Why does it matter to me?

This is probably a question that many within the transport industry might ask themselves and maybe also, who does it apply to?

Well, whether you are already in a Transport Manager or supervisor role, an aspiring Transport Manager or own a company that see haulage as an integral part of day to day running, this qualification is should be part of you training schedule.

Equally, if you have individuals within the company that show the commitment and skills to one day take on a transport manager role, investing in this course will give the comprehensive knowledge that will move business forward and protect the company in the future.

It is always disappointing to hear that the 2 weeks required for the course is ‘too much to take out of the business’ and ‘there’s no way the company will pay for that’.

This is both an insult to the staff that work hard day to day to keep the business running and to the drivers that rely on them for support and direction to get the job done. We have all heard of the cliché of short term pain for long term gain, but this is a perfect example of how this applies.

Organise 2 weeks cover for your valued staff member and ensure they have support to do the home study required (which they do in their own time) and in the long term you have a manager who can confidently take care of :

Your operators licence

Drivers hours and be fully aware and adhere to working time legislation, saving the infringement charges that this can incur.

Maintain effective record keeping overall, which will immediately work towards a smoother running business.

Driver licensing, to ensure all driving staff have appropriate licensing and that these are kept up-to-date.

People management and employment legislation, to have the confidence and knowledge of employment law in disputes and employment issues.

Health & Safety, a key part of the day to day duties, to ensure the working environment is safe and protecting the employers reputation. Preventing a situation where an employee is injured due to neglect or the business is forced to close following a failed inspection.

Contracts of carriage, having the full knowledge about how good should be carried and the rules and regulations that must be followed for the many different circumstances that may arise.

Domestic and International operations, who knows when business may expand and you will already have a manager who is fully aware of International law.

Investing in staff and giving them the tools they need to do their jobs effectively is a sure way of keeping good people in the business!

Equally, if you are looking to further your career as an individual, I am sure that sacrificing 2 weeks of your well deserved holiday time might seem hard to bear, but when you think of how this qualification could boost your career (and employers will favour you over those who haven’t been forward thinking enough to invest in training themselves for a better future) it seems a small price to pay!

So start thinking long term and reap the benefits!