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LGV Driver Training FAQs

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Are you searching for more information on LGV Driver Training? Check out DriverLink’s LGV Driver Training FAQs!

DriverLink provide LGV Driver Training courses, so you can kick start your driver training with us!

This latest blog will explain all of the LGV Driver Training FAQs you may have thought of!

LGV Driver Training FAQs

What types of driver training services does DriverLink offer?

DriverLink provides one-on-one training for LGV license categories C (Class 2) and CE (Class 1).

This training involves thorough preparation for all aspects of DVSA testing requirements, including 3a practice and assessment on our private DVSA-approved assessing area.

We offer complete support throughout the entire process, from initial form filling to booking theory tests, tuition, testing, and finally, module 4 (initial CPC).

What vehicles are used for training at DriverLink?

We offer training in modern automatic articulated vehicles for Class 1 training. Our focus is on providing training in scenarios that reflect real-life situations, utilising only modern, articulated combinations customised to be as small as legally permitted to enhance your chances of a first time pass! Our rigid vehicles are also automatic.

Does DriverLink guarantee a pass on the tests?

We believe that guarantees may result in unnecessary payments for retests that might not be needed. Instead, we focus on comprehensive preparation and support to increase the likelihood of success and encourage additional training hours prior, not only to boost your chance of a first time pass, but also prepare you for a career ahead.

What is the recommended training duration for LGV Class 1 and Class 2 licenses?

For LGV Class 1 (Cat CE) training, the recommended tuition time, including the test day, is typically 36 to 40 hours.

However, some individuals have successfully completed the course in as little as 31.5 hours.

For those already possessing an LGV Class 2 license looking to upgrade, we recommend approximately 22 hours of training, though some have managed to complete it in 18 hours.

Who is suitable for LGV Class 2 training?

Individuals possessing a car license seeking entry into the world of transport are ideal candidates for LGV Class 2 training.

This license allows driving rigid vehicles up to a weight of 32 tonnes, primarily used for local work due to available pallet spaces on the vehicle.

Does DriverLink offer refresher training?

Absolutely! We understand that learning continues even after obtaining a vocational license.

That’s why we offer refresher training designed to boost confidence and readiness for employment.

The refresher course covers essential aspects such as tachograph usage, vehicle controls, vehicle checks, bay reversing (including 90-degree turns and ‘blind side’ manoeuvres), and load securing.

What does the Industry Ready Advanced LGV Training entail?

Our Industry Ready Advanced LGV Training program is designed to prepare individuals for the demands of the industry.

This course dives deeper into key areas, including tachograph usage, comprehensive vehicle control and checks, advanced bay reversing techniques (including 90-degree turns and ‘blind side’ manoeuvres), and thorough load securing methods. It’s a crucial step toward becoming industry-ready post-license acquisition.

Can DriverLink accommodate customised training needs?

Absolutely! While we provide recommended durations for our courses, we understand that individual learning curves may vary. We’re open to discussing and tailoring training programs to meet specific needs whenever possible.

How can I enroll in DriverLink’s LGV driver training courses?

Enrolling in our training programs is straightforward. Simply reach out to us through our contact channels or visit our facility to discuss your requirements.

We’ll guide you through the enrollment process and recommend the best course based on your goals and needs.

What sets DriverLink’s training apart?

At DriverLink, our focus is not just on passing tests but on ensuring that our trainees are fully prepared and industry-ready.

We prioritise practical, real-life scenarios in our training, offer comprehensive support throughout the licensing process, and provide advanced courses to boost confidence and skills post-license acquisition.

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