Transport Management CPC Course

Boasting a 100% pass rate in Sept 2016!! Transport Management CPC - Medallion

Pass your Operators CPC Exams First Time

The first thing you will notice when looking for a Transport Management CPC provider to instruct you is that prices will vary dramatically.

We encourage delegates to book as early as possible so that we can provide you with home study material prior to your 9 day intensive on site course – it is important to us that you pass the Operator CPC exams first time so we will push you all the way.

We will also provide, free of charge, 10 optional study groups, every Wednesday morning on the 10 week approach to the course, covering 12 of the 30 modules putting you in an excellent position prior to the intensive 9 day course.

Transport Management CPC Home Study Material

The earlier you book your course with us, the more time you have got to do your home studies prior to your class tuition. We will deliver your home study folder, spend some time with you explaining the content to allow you to gain a head start with your study. We will be available during office hours to help with any queries you may have and will also schedule calls from our experienced instructor to guide you along the way

Complete your exams under the same roof

Driver Link Training are accredited by OCR to conduct your exams in our purpose built centre, so no need to travel elsewhere. Exams take place only 4 times per year, which tends to be the first Friday of March, June, September and December. Your 9 day tuition will be on the 2 week approach to these dates.


What are our pass rates?

Above the national average! The national average for 2016 is 64%, Driverlink Training have an average pass rate of 86.3%

March 2017: National average 57% Driverlink Training 62.5%

December 2016: National average 55% Driverlink Training 88.8%

March 2016: National average 65% Driverlink Training 87.5%

June 2016: National average 61% Driverlink Training 71.4%

September 2016: National average 66% Driverlink Training 100%

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