It’s not just Lorry drivers!

I refer to the case this week of the family killed by a haulage driver who was filmed using his mobile phone seconds before a collision that wiped out a family on the A34.

The cab footage is hard to watch as the driver in question realises that what is ahead too late. In that split second so many lives have been destroyed and as much as it has highlighted the issue directed at the haulage industry, it is a much wider issue.

I personally have seen a number of drivers, many of them Haulage and delivery, not only on mobiles but at the same time holding their lunch in another hand and steering with their knees, I assume?

But, as we hear of a police campaign stepping up to monitor drivers breaking the law, I would like to think that we all realise that, at one point or another we have been guilty of checking our phone whilst driving and that this could easily have happened to any of us. Obviously, the impact of the terrible incident on the A34 may have been less, or more, had it not been a lorry involved, as the driver of the lorry was actually protected to some extent by his vehicle.

What we have to take into account, certainly as far as the transport industry is concerned, is the outside pressures on the drivers and how their driving is effected by the job that they do.

Particularly at this time of year, the pressure on drivers is immense and they are very often being badgered by their company to give up-dates on where they are, what the next job is, changes to their route etc. This all by mobile phone and they may be worried about losing their jobs if they don’t keep in contact.

I will certainly think twice next time I go to quickly check whose texting me and I hope the memory of this awful accident will make everyone think. But I think we also need to be aware of when and how we communicate thoughout haulage and delivery and make sure we are all taking responsibility.

Health & Safety isn’t just about our work environment, it is a 24 hour concern!