After an 8 hour delay Kev, our illustrious leader and usual company blogger, has returned from holiday and taken a half day to unpack so once again yours truely finds himself sat at the keyboard to write this weeks post.

The Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) has been introduced across the European Union to maintain high driving standards and improve road safety.

All well and good  but according to a recent Volvo survey half of truck drivers risk their lives by not belting up

Using a safety belt doubles the chance of survival in a serious accident but this new research undertaken by Volvo has found half of us truck drivers don’t bother to use them.

Conducted in safety-conscious Sweden,Volvo surveyed 700 drivers to get this result and usage in other countries could be even lower.

The UK has an excellent road safety record butVolvo wants to highlight the danger of not belting up and encourage us all to use them and  to save more than 7000 lives across the EU.

Volvo Trucks Traffic and Product Safety Director Carl Johan Almqvist said: “In recent years belt usage has increased among truck drivers, but even so, fewer than half use the safety belt.

“Our own and other European research has revealed that 50% of truck driver who lost their lives in traffic accidents would have survived if they had been belted in.

“Of all truck drivers involved in fatal accidents, only 5% were wearing their safety belts.”

Almqvist says the most common reasons given for not using the seatbelt – because it was difficult, inconvenient or time-consuming – were simply ‘not credible’.

“I would encourage both haulage firms and drivers to do what they can to improve safety. the simplest measure of all is naturally to use the single most important safety feature on board – the safety belt.”

Looking at the figures it makes sense so belt up!

Drive safely,