Another area that may cause a difference of opinion, as there are pros & cons regarding driving aids, so here is a different take on these ‘safety devices’

Over the years, the technology that goes into modern vehicles has increased tenfold, as gone are the days where having Power Steering, Air-conditioning & Rear Parking Sensors was considered to be a luxury, not a standard feature.

All modern vehicles are fitted with a vast array of sensors & radar guided systems amongst others, to help make driving more ‘easy’, but I feel that we have gone past the point of no return in taking too much input away from the driver.

It comes across when you see adverts for vehicles showing that if you hold a valid licence to drive, the car will do all the work for you i.e. Automatic Reverse Parking, Automatic Braking or Collision Avoidance.  The list is almost endless as to what gadgets & gismos you can have fitted to a modern day vehicle, but this for me has gone too far.

Ultimately, the driver is and should be solely responsible for how a vehicle behaves, regardless of what gadgets it is fitted with, as wrongly, a large number of drivers ‘switch off’ because they feel the car will stop them from having or causing an accident, so why do they need to pay attention, the car will ‘protect them’ surely?

This is more so the case, when you see on a daily basis drivers using their mobile phones, tablets, or as was the case yesterday from my colleague, a driver using their mobile along with their dog being on their lap!!!  I wonder which factory fitted option covers this??

Really, we should go back to basics, where the driver is responsible for how a vehicle behaves and reacts, rather than using & relying on systems for the stupid or irresponsible driver who has no idea what a danger they are to themselves & other road users.

Now, I’m sure there will be a negative response to this opinion, in which I would agree that there are some pros to some driving aids (ABS, ESP & Stability Control) these are very good, as most people would have no idea in how to control or react to a vehicle skidding or losing traction suddenly.

But I strongly disagree that features like ‘Automatic Reverse Parking’ Collision avoidance/ Blind-spot detection’ ‘Tyre-pressure monitoring’ etc – I can go on & on, but the common theme is this, all of these I’ve mentioned should be down to the driver, not a computer, as this should be a skill that is learned & improved upon, not detached & forgotten about!

Just a thought, can you imagine being in a car park where cars are dumped everywhere because the ‘Automatic Reverse Parking’ function has failed, and the drivers have lost the ability to do this by themselves?  It’s bad enough now where a lot of drivers are hopeless are parking at the best of time………..