This is likely going to be a touchy subject, but below is a different view on this ongoing issue.

Cycling in general seems to be on more the agenda this year due to various programs & schemes that are running, mainly in London and other major cities in the UK, to encourage more people to use a bicycle as their main method of transport.

There have been various high profile appearances that have been made on news channels & other shows that are trying to encourage people using bicycles more, but they also seem to be encouraging that the government should spend tens of millions of pounds on creating more cycle lanes to help make this happen??

I’m not sure this is the way to go, as there are possible issues with doing this, here are a couple which come to mind; Space or lack of on the roads already; No person using a bicycle currently pays any form of road tax or duty to use the roads, yet these cycle lanes are to be built at the cost of the motorist, is that fair?

For me a lack of discipline by a large number of cycle users already will not be resolved by creating more cycle lanes, which in most cases are never used by the people they are intended for.  Case in point, as I see this every time I head into town where there is a designated cycle lane, yet they are using the road causing traffic to back up as know one can get past safely!!

Surely, the amount of money that would be spent on these cycle lanes could better used?  For instance, whatever happened to the ‘cycle proficiency test’ that was done at schools?  I know this does happen in some schools still, but surely this would be a good starting point in teaching children the do’s & don’ts of cycle use?  Should this be part of the curriculum for all schools?

When it comes to adults, why should this training not carry on for riders who are going to use their bicycle as there main method of transport to commute to work? Or if you are part of a bike club (that uses all of the roads over a weekend)? to ensure you are not a danger to other road users?

Without any research and being just a hunch, I would be pretty sure that most accidents that occur involving a vehicle & bicycle, would very likely be down to the rider putting themselves into a dangerous position without even knowing it?

Disagree? I’m sure this may not be to some peoples liking, but it is becoming more apparent that the government & cycle groups seem to be ensuring that the motorist is always to blame and always accountable, meaning cyclists can pretty much do what they want, and behave how they like, as they know they can get away with it!!  Look with what has happened in London earlier this year with HGV’s, it may be a good idea in principal, but without the cyclist being given the right tools to ride safely, what’s the point of enforcing it?

I’m sure there will be plenty of opinions that will be made about my view on this matter, but for anyone who doesn’t know this already, I am a regular mountain bike user, so I am seeing it from both sides of the table as I know the motorist is accountable as well!