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Recently written interactive training consortium material

Are you a small training company struggling to find time to keep materials up to date, relevant and interesting, or maybe a transport company looking to instruct Driver CPC ((Certificate of Professional Competence) internally, a driving instructor looking at alternative revenue streams, or possibly an existing Consortium member looking for a change?

Buying in to a Driver CPC Consortium package is a fast effective way of being able to deliver Driver CPC courses without all of the fees and administration work in approving your company and course material with JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training).

As part of the Driverlink Training CPC Consortium, you will gain 10 x 3.5 hours approved courses ready to deliver under our centre approval written by experienced trainers with the Qwizdom software incorporated within.

We are very proud to deliver material to the industry the way we do, words do not do it justice, allow us to demonstrate this to you. Speak to Paul or Kevin on 01942 826133.

Driver CPC Training – Support and Service

Unlike other Driver CPC Consortium memberships available, Driver Link Training’s mission is to aid and mentor you in to becoming as successful as we are.

We will conduct regular visits taking time to understand you and your business, invest in to marketing and provide referrals.

We also value your feedback, we work as a network and take all requests in to consideration.

Consortium Support
Consortium Membership

Driver CPC Consortium Memberships

Memberships run pro-rata, starting on the 1st September, ending on 31st August the following year, coincidentally, this is when our training materials are due to be updated and renewed!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost?

We charge £699.00 + VAT annually.

What does the consortium membership includes?

  • This will give you online access to our portal to download the 10 approved presentations available, along with comprehensive instructor notes and course timings.
  • Being a member adds value to your driver training portfolio
  • Full support and advice
  • You will get an extensive and quality Driver CPC training at an affordable rate.

What other costs are there?

We also charge for uploading the drivers trained hours to the DVSA database at a rate of £8.75 (DSA Fee), plus £6.24 + VAT (Admin Fee).

Contact us to discuss your interest in Driver CPC Consortium. Alternatively, you can call us at 01942 826133 or 07852 347063.