We have recently been informed of changes to the issue of new CPC qualification cards. When drivers have completed their 35 hours in advance of their expiry date, the new replacement DQC will no longer be automatically dispatched but will be kept until either the anniversary date of the final training in the year it expires or is less than one month before the current DQC expires.

There are some concerns that, although this makes sense to some extent(to avoid some DQC’s having almost 10 years validity) Some drivers may mistakenly believe that they have already completed their full 35 hours periodic training, but in fact haven’t.

By the time they realise that a new card hasn’t been issued (and made enquiries) they will find it difficult to obtain the necessary outstanding training (7 hours or even more) in the time they have before their DQC expires and will have to stop driving, which will prove inconvenient and expensive to both employers who don’t closely monitor drivers’ DQC’s and the drivers themselves.

Of course, there is a way of checking periodic training hours through the ‘check your driver CPC periodic training hours’ on the.GOV website https://www.gov.uk/check-your-driver-cpc-periodic-training-hours If you read the JAUPT website page https://www.jaupt.org.uk/news/2016/10/issuing-driver-qualification-cards-dqcs

Alec Horner  – linked In – states

‘There is another scenario of DQC’ s being issued within the final 12 month’s validity of their current DQC – this would usually be issued on the anniversary of completing 35 hours of periodic training.

An example would where a driver with an expiry date of 9.9.2019 completes the 35 hours periodic training on say 14.12.2016 – the DQC would be issued on 14.12.2018 on the anniversary date of completing the training in the year before the DQC expiry date.

Only where the DQC expires less than one month away will the DQC be issued immediately! However, this still means that many drivers’ DQC’s will not automatically be issued on completion of their next 35 hours periodic training.’

Obviously, the best option for employers is to be as organised a possible and have the training planned out in advance, as we do here at Driverlink CPC Training. We record all training and can up-date where each driver is up to at all times. This just re-enforces the 1 course per year recommendation and then it is much easier to keep track of where all training is up to.