ADR Training Liverpool: Dangerous Goods Training Course

If you are looking for a career in transporting dangerous goods then DriverLink Training offers ADR training in Liverpool that will enable you to take the next step. We can also provide the training you need to renew your ADR certificate. As part of our training, we offer the very best instructors who can take you through the process and help you to complete ADR training efficiently and effectively. If you want to transport dangerous goods then you have to hold an ADR Training Certificate by law and so, through our expertise and knowledge we can make that happen.

Qualified Training Provider

We believe that we are one of the leading ADR Training providers out there, so if you are looking for ADR driver training in Liverpool then we have all that you need. We give you access to highly qualified instructors as well as classroom and practical driver training that gives you the skills and expertise to transport dangerous goods. Our focus is to ensure that you are aware of the laws, have the ability to handle dangerous goods vehicles and have the knowledge required to operate safely when transporting dangerous goods.

Once you have completed our training, you will then have the scope to apply for jobs that require you to transport dangerous goods.

Transporting Dangerous Goods

There are many risks associated with transporting dangerous goods but it is also a legal requirement to hold the correct certification. Through our training, knowledge and understanding, we offer driver training that enables you to become qualified, giving you the freedom to further your career.

ADR Courses and Costs

Core, Packages and 7 Classes: £415.00 without Driver CPC or £445.00 with 21 Hours Driver CPC

Core, Packages, Tanks and 7 Classes: £519.00 without Driver CPC or £549.00 with 21 Hours Driver CPC

Core, Tanks and Class 3: £279.00 without Driver CPC or £289.00 with 7 Hours Driver CPC

ADR Training Courses

Benefits of This Training Course

There are many benefits that come with this training course and that is the reason why we are a leading ADR training provider. Through our qualified instructors, you will have access to their expertise but also the classroom and practical elements of the training to ensure you are qualified to transport dangerous goods. Once you are qualified and have been certified, you will be able to apply for jobs online and further your career. You will have an understanding of the risks involved and what is required to become a competent driver while ensuring you adhere to all laws and regulations. You’ll learn about the risks associated with different goods and the health and safety issues associated with transporting dangerous goods safely.


Driverlink ADR Training

High Pass Rates

We do not compromise the quality of the Dangerous Goods Driver Training, quite the opposite, if our self confessed ‘ADR geek’ tutor does not know the answer to any of your questions, we would be very surprised.

Looking for Experienced ADR Transport Professionals? Call Us!

If you want to receive the latest ADR training and want to learn from the experts then we have everything you are looking for. Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge and understanding that is required to transport dangerous goods safely, which is why our courses are so popular. To find out more, get in touch with us today.


If you are looking for a career in transporting dangerous goods, we are offering ADR training throughout Wigan and Liverpool. Get in touch to know more about getting your lorry driving license.