ADR Training Course

Understand the risks and your legal responsibilities when transporting dangerous goods.
All drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods, must attend a Department for Transport approved dangerous goods and hazardous training course in order to be legally qualified to transport dangerous loads.

ADR (Dangerous Goods) Training Course

Latest 2021 ADR Training Courses – Beat the examination queues and gain instant results with our online examinations.

ADR Training is simple, when you understand how it works. Firstly, you have to do the ADR (Dangerous Goods) Core Class, then you decide how are you going to carry the hazardous goods, is it in a Tank, a Package or both? ADR is then broken down in to 9 Classes, each Class is for represents different products, eg, class 3 is for fuel. You would then decide which class you need to take – the most common route is 7 classes, excluding 1 & 7.

ADR Driver Training Courses Price Promise

Without negotiating the quality of the tuition, we will not be beaten on price, and that’s a promise.

Popular ADR Courses Packages; (Prices shown include everything, no hidden extras)

Core, Packages and 7 Classes: £415.00 without Driver CPC or £445.00 with 21 Hours Driver CPC

Core, Packages, Tanks and 7 Classes: £519.00 without Driver CPC or £549.00 with 21 Hours Driver CPC

Core, Tanks and Class 3: £279.00 without Driver CPC or £289.00 with 7 Hours Driver CPC

ADR Training Courses
Driverlink ADR Training

High Pass Rates

We do not compromise the quality of the Dangerous Goods Driver Training, quite the opposite, if our self confessed ‘ADR geek’ tutor does not know the answer to any of your questions, we would be very surprised.


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