As we all know for this time of year, we are due to have many long days & nights of consistent & persistent rain L, so as usual we just get on with whatever the weather throws at us.

Unfortunately, what does seem to happen when the rain does fall is that the standard of driving does seem to go down the drain like the water, with some drivers not being able to adapt or cope with the change in weather or road conditions, thus putting themselves & other road users at risk.  Take one example, motorways, why do some motorists insist on maintaining their overly high speed as soon as the road gets wet, without factoring in the cause of ‘Aquaplaning’, increased stopping distances & poor visibility – to name but a few!!

Most people will not know what ‘Aquaplaning’ is or means, but in simple terms, when the tyres on your vehicle are no longer in contact with the tarmac on the road, they are now riding on top surface of the water, meaning you have little or no steering or braking ability, so you are now effectively a boat!!  This danger increases further when higher speeds are made, so why maintain a high speed or go even faster when the road conditions are not suitable?  (This does not mean slam on the brakes either!!)

Modern cars have an array of driving aids to help stop people crashing, but to my knowledge, none of these can stop you from ‘aquaplaning’ other than you and how you drive?  Drivers should always adjust their speed according to the road conditions, but this rarely happens, as they feel too safe in their vehicle to notice the consequences of what they are doing!

For me, this is down to the driver being less involved with how a vehicle reacts & interacts with the inputs being made, as these aids are basically covering up the flaws of most drivers’ inability to operate a vehicle safely.  What is wrong with making a driver feel more vulnerable if they are to make a mistake, surely that would be a better learning curve rather than after the accident has happened?

I’m sure there will be different views about this topic, but to make my main point about driving in wet conditions, please slow down, make allowances for how your vehicle reacts, and take your time, as this time of year does make it more dangerous, and I do not fancy being involved in someone else’s accident due to poor or bad judgement on their part!!

Safe Motoring to you all!!