I’m sure this happens to pretty much all drivers who use motorways, but after my trip to Birmingham on Saturday, I need to get certain aspects of this sign off my chest!!

I would like to meet the person or persons who operate these, as I am pretty sure that they are looking at another piece of road to the one I am driving on, as 9 times out of 10, it never corresponds to what I am seeing.

How often do we see the sign ‘Fog’ or ‘Strong Winds’ pop up, yet we can see perfectly clearly and the trees are not being blown sideways on the side of the road.

They also seem to put random, pointless messages on when there is no potential bad weather to report of, why? Why do this, there is no need what so ever to have useless, meaningless messages on, which sometimes are so long to read, that you would have travelled a fair distance without even knowing what’s going on in front of you by the time you’ve read it!!  See what I mean?

Another aspect of this is the signs that show speeds of ‘40’ or ‘50’ – They are pretty useless, as no one ever pays any attention to these, as most drivers just keep on travelling at the same speed without a care in the world.

Would it be wrong to say that these signs are now outdated? Past there sell by date?  With the amount of technology that exists nowadays, I’d say these signs are pretty redundant?  What’s everyone else’s view of this?  Is there a better & safer way in having these warnings & messages being sent to drivers?

The use of the ‘smart motorway’ is being introduced across motorways that are prone for busy traffic & accidents, but as was pointed out the other week, what information they capture and how it is used is still up for debate?

Only time will tell as to what happens with the matrix sign, but based on how far cars & technology have come, this will likely be a museum piece to show future generations that when they flashed a warning, no one paid a blind bit of notice!!