This is a topic very relevant for me, as unfortunately I live near a roundabout, in where I see & hear on daily basis drivers who appear to not have any clue as to how to approach or deal with a roundabout?

We’ve all been there before, you arrive at a roundabout and no one is making the first or correct move, but then you all end up setting off at the same time!!  It appears as if most people ‘freeze’ or ‘panic’ when they approach a roundabout?  Why is this?  Why is it so hard to understand?

Their does appear to be an ignorance towards roundabouts, with how most drivers react when they are having to slam on their brakes, because they have failed to slow down in giving way to the right, or heaven forbid someone is using the roundabout for going round on, or not paying attention to the signal that an oncoming vehicle is making or worse still, they are making the incorrect signal to other road users, whilst carrying on with their own selfish driving.  To be honest, the list for this can and is probably endless!!

I have seen many a close incident & accident on the roundabout near me, which is down to bad driving, poor judgement, not slowing down sufficiently, or not allowing another vehicle(s) in executing their manoeuvre.  I wouldn’t mind, but this is only a 2 junction roundabout, in which you can carry straight on, turn right or go round it and back down the road you’ve come from (not too tasking is it?).  But time and time again, I hear the sound of heavy braking, horns beeping and on occasion metal crunching when it goes very wrong!!

I know this may have mixed reactions, as there are many different types of roundabout that exists, in which different approaches have to be made.  Mostly though, ignorance is a major factor, along with arrogance that some drivers believe it is always their right of way?

Anyone unsure of Roundabout Rules, take 5 minutes to read section 184-190 of the Highway Code, you may actually learn something that you should already know??