This topic is fresh in my mind after spending the weekend away in the Lake District.

I’m sure it is not just me that finds this, but in general there seems to be a decline in the discipline of vehicle owners who do not take due care & attention when it comes to lane discipline!

Using a mixture of Motorways, A & B roads when going to & from Cumbria, there were several occasions where I found a complete lack of awareness when it came to using a lane safely.  One example is hogging the middle lane on a motorway for no good reason whatsoever!!  Another would be using 2 lanes of a dual carriageway in a small car!!  Thirdly being cut up by a driver cutting across the lane I’m in on a one way, 2 lane road!!

Now, I am aware that some drivers do not have the ability to distinguish what a line in the road may be for, or if they do, they do not care.  But it is becoming more of an issue on busy roads, especially in town centres, where there is always confusion or unawareness on how to take the correct line through the flow of traffic.

This could be down to ability, and or size of vehicle, but either way, it is ultimately down to a driver being unaware of how careless or inconsiderate they are driving towards others!!

We all know there is less space on the roads for various reasons, but we all still have to get round somehow.  So a great way to work round this, is by taking more care in how you position your vehicle and being more aware of others around you??  Surely it’s not that difficult to do if you try that little bit harder when using your vehicle, but I’m sure there will be a difference in opinion??