Driver Link Training run a 3 day First Aid at Work course each and every month, which is a course I personally believe everybody should do before it is too late.

My ‘kick up the bum’ to do this course was while holidaying in Egypt, we seen quite some commotion on the beach so had a little nosy to see what was going on, as you do, only to note that somebody had drowned, on not one person knew how to perform CPR. I had to ask myself, what if this was a loved one.

This short story came in from Mark Hurst of J Dickinson Transport over in Bolton;

Last Saturday (22nd August) I attended the home match for Bolton Wanderers at the Macron Stadium with my little lad as we always do!

On the way home we was stuck in the usual traffic, this time a little bit heavier as a BMW was in the road with its hazards on, as we moved around the car I saw a man lay on the floor with another man trying to help him and two teenage boys sat with their heads in their hands.

Normally I would show respect and drive on slowly, however having sat the course last week I felt I owed it to myself and this man to try to assist in anyway Guy taught us.

I parked up and ran back to the casualty to see what I could do, and saw that the man helping was giving him CPR (albeit not correctly) I told him he wasn’t doing it right and he informed me he was an off duty policeman but had forgotten what he had learned and could I take over. I didn’t think twice and set about the CPR (breaking a rib or two straight away, which was an awful experience). An off duty nurse then turned up and assisted me as she said I was doing great and should be the person in control. I was doing the CPR and on the phone to the emergency services.

We rotated the breaths and compressions between us for what seemed an eternity but in reality was 30-40 minutes until the St John Ambulance and the Paramedics turned up. I then left the scene somewhat upset and shocked at what I had just seen and done. However I felt proud I could walk past his family and wish them the best of luck with him and they thanked me for what I had done.

Sadly, this morning I saw his death notice in the paper, which was hard that although I didn’t know the gentleman I had a connection with him through that Saturday afternoon.

I didn’t do anything heroic but feel rewarded with my own pride and my family’s pride in what I did, but thanks to DriverLink Training and Guy I felt confident and competent to attempt that, and although we didn’t do enough to save him I would like to think we gave him every fighting chance.