Driver CPC is mandatory and is not going away, and the the individuals it can be a burden on their life if they have to undertake this in their own time, but also financially.

Driver Link Training understand the needs of drivers when it comes to completing Driver CPC, so we have created a simple model for drivers to pay for their Driver CPC training monthly, while sitting just 1 course per year!

Drivers who started on this program nearly 10 months ago are just sitting their first courses now and feedback has been received very well in the help we have provided.

Fees are currently (In the month of July 2015) set at £6.85 pcm – who would actually notice that going out of their bank, it is less than a packet of cigarettes! As the months go by and the deadline beckons, the price does increase each month so the earlier you join, the less you pay each month.

Do you want to pay for your Driver CPC monthly? Call 01942 826133 and we will arrange this for you